J.T. Fennell Co, Inc. in Chillicothe, IL & Peoria, IL is famous for its steel fabrication capabilities throughout the area. As a company, we take pride in assisting our customers even when they are blindsided and have a demand they need to cover. We have the capability to build parts to our customer’s exact specifications and can fill both large and small orders. The best part is, we can do everything in-house, so you can rely on the timelines we set for your project. Below you will find the equipment and the processes we use to make the entire experience easy for you!

Our Production Capabilities:

  •  Seven lasers capable of burning gauge material to ¾” sheet. Bystronic, Hankwang and Cincinnati brands
  •  Two Oxy-fuel burners capable of burning ¼ to 10-inch plate
  •  Four shot blast work centers
  •  Straight line and robotic profile beveling
  •  Six presses of various tonnages relying on our big 400T or 350T press for large bends
  •  One Amada roll capable of rolling material up to 3/8”.
  •  Various Manual and Robotic mig welding operations using .035” through .052” wire
  • An assortment of CNC & engine lathes
  • Various horizontal and vertical machining centers. Machines used are Mazak, Cincinnati, Toshiba and Machining Systems
  • Paint line with five-stage wash system, priming booth, top coat booth, and baking oven
  • Paint booth for larger parts
  • Utilizing two Faro arms and inspectors, dimensions and tolerances are continually being checked
  • Utilize an integrated ERP System for managing orders through invoicing